Mens Womens Contest Visor Helmet Blue

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Feature Benefit European Standard for Ski and Snowboard/Snow use Ultra-light construction made from an EPS injection and an ultra-resistant Polycarbonate shell. The Inmold construction has become the reference in terms of comfort and being lightweight. The F.T.F. (Fine Tuning Fit) provides added versatility to the helmet. The fine adjustment allows a tighter fit for perfect stability during even the most extreme activities. When not skiing, a simple readjustment will release the system for a more relaxing fit. Cébé’s active ventilation provides an adpated thermic regulation in all conditions, with an optimized air flow channel. Removable and washable earpads. In the interests of comfort and hygiene, most of our helmets have removable and washable inner padding. For increased breathability, most linings have 3D mesh panels that allow heat to escape more easily

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