POC Skull Orbic X Spin – Hydrogen White -Large


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The POC Skull Orbic X Spin – Hydrogen White is a ski helmet made for protection when riding the snow. The FIS approved race helmet, Skull Orbic X SPIN, takes high speed falls and repetitive impact protection to another level. The deflector panel has been designed to minimise the energy transmitted to a skier’s head from repeatedly hitting gates or during a fall. Race Helmet Hydrogen White Impact Protection Deflector Panel Helmet integrated with patent pending SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) pads. EPP deflector panel Multi-impact EPP liner with improved fit and impact protection Updated robust ABS shell and Ear chambers designed for less balance and hearing interference Fixed goggle clip Compatible with POC’s Maxilla break away chin-guard for Slalom (sold separately) FIS RH 2013 certified ABS PC Shell

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